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Best DJ Software available

by Mark Reinhold on March 25, 2012

Best DJ Mixing Software

New generation DJ Softwares are beginning to take over the whole music industry. Cheap prices, hundreds of features and high quality customer support/help are the most important things when choosing Best DJ Software.

Purchasing DJ Software: What to look for?

Nowadays, there are many different DJ Softwares available. Most of them have many features and great add-ons, but some of them contain even step-by-step tutorials and guidelines on “How to make music/beats”.  What are the main things to look for?

Features: More is better. If all those features help you to improve your skill and simple straightforward directions are provided then it’s good DJ Software. The main difference between amateur and Best DJ Software is user-friendliness.

Outlook: Is the interface clean and neat? Do you understand everything? Do you feel comfortable when using this software? These are the main questions which has to be asked when you are going to buy DJ Software.

Performance: It has to run very smoothly on your Windows/Mac. When you are using dj mixing program then you SHOULD be able to do other things on your computer as well. For example: Using MSN messenger, browsing web, listening music and so on.. If your computer performs well when using this software, then it’s great.

Help/Support: Everybody needs certain level of customer care. If you can’t get any help or guidelines from the manufacturer then it’s probably not worth the money.



#DubTurbo – Best DJ Software (75% OFF)


Best Dj Software no.1

Best DJ Software minusPrice is quite expensive, 137$.

Best DJ Software plusIn an extremely competitive field of DJ mixing softwares -  DubTurbo stands much more taller than all of the rest (at least in 2012).  It has the intuitive and advanced features. It is very amateur friendly and simple. Furthermore, it comes with straight forward interface! Great customer support and full tutorial videos with step-by-step guides is a good example of DubTurbo. The program has a great ability to get your performance features into real time (also individualize your own BPM settings). Clean and neat interface is also a big “plus”.

Available for Windows and Mac


Overall 9,6/10 Price 137$ 39.95$

NB: This software (dubturbo) has a refund system. If you don’t like this product or you think music mixing is not for you then you can simply return it in 60days and get your money back without a doubt. So basically you can try it for free.

So if you don’t want to waste your time and money on trying different stuff, which are very hard to understand, then simply try this product. I would highly recommend this DJ software since it’s cheaper and easier than others and it’s totally worth the money. Do not forget to read our customer testimonials. The following is just a short testimonial from my friend.

Peter Cavora:

    “Uh, this software is a  masterpiece, seriously. Before that I just downloaded many different dj softwares from google and I even bought several products, but none of them were good enough. I was total rookie, everything was so hard and so difficult to understand, but this Dj Software is absolute opposite! It’s has so great tutorials and it’s very user-friendly. After buying this “excellent product”, as you said, my life has completely changed. I’m so busy making music in so many different clubs! This is really one of the greatest audio mixers available!”

Download DUB-TURBO 2.0 for PC/Mac

- Mark from Best DJ Software


DubTurbo Review

by Mark Reinhold on September 23, 2011

In this post, I will give you more information about this mixer, so basically I give you the DubTurbo review. I will mention some of my favorite features and I will tell you why would I choose this software. You can always read more detailed information from the official site by clicking our banners on the sidebar.

Here is a simple beat I just made couple of hours ago:

DubTurbo works on any version of Windows including Windows 2000, XP, NT, Vista and Windows 7.  It also works with Mac and Apple (including iPhone) products. It is available as an instant download over the official homepage and you will be able to use it as soon as possible, right after purchasing. Furthermore, it will update itself and you will be in touch with the latest add-ons automatically without any extra fee. That’s a really great package and you should not miss it. Let me now move on with other features:

My personal favorite is DT SEQUENCER

FEATURES:  Simple keyboard shortcuts to everywhere, so you can easily work around the application and produce some great beats in No-Time! The panel layout is very familiar to DAW’s and production tools make this program VERY easy to use. In addition, DubTurbo  has a link, where all of the owners can see on-going contests and submissions ONLINE. It will make you really fresh!

  1. 40 kits and 10 pads per kit, – Import your personal samples!
  2. Easy to record your vibes/beats with triggers
  3. Change your Kit selection easily to change beats FAST
  4. You can edit volume of each pad and mix the whole kit easily
  5. Import your own sounds or simply move sounds around
  6. Want drums? All drums have been added with the Best QUALITY
  7. Export/Import whatever your want (video,audio etc)
  8. Stereo sound – Bass will sound FULLY
  9. 15 Track sequencer allows you to mix unlimited syndication of key,drum and mic tracks.
  10. Pencil TOOL for easy and fast producing/mastering.
  11. Many templates for new projects
  12. Import new kits (updating daily!)
  13. Samples load with No-Time, no waiting!
  14. Create Bars and Strings easily and fit them together
  15. Mix your music with other audio editors and add them together

That’s not all, because I only mentioned 15 features, but actually it has over 100 add-ons… Or even more, since they update the program weekly, but let me go forward to the drums…



FEATURES: Are you a drum fan? All the PADs has a keyboard trigger which are contacted to each – other. It’s for you, so you can bang in your beats from your keyboard. You will feel yourself like you are on a sequencer! New DubTurbo is faster, smarter and easier to use.

So basically you are able to create any kind of music – starting from rnb, hip-hop, techno, dubstep, trance and even classic music.  For the beginning you will get 4 premium sample packs to start making music. You will also get DT instruments and free training videos (great guide on the topic “how to make quality mixes with dubturbo”). However, our special price will not last forever. You can only get this price from this website and it will be $39.95 only for few weeks. Once that ends, the price will go up (150$ – 200$). I also ordered this with discount coupon and I’m telling you to do the same, because it’s fully worth the cash. I love saving money, but in this case I actually I have to admit that I would even pay more for this DJ Software. Just try to not get too addicted with this. Go slowly, try to improve your skills day after day and read the tutorials. I’m more than sure that after a week or two you will be able to mix great music! High Quality is one of the main keywords of this dj program, so you can easily listen your OWN music on your birthday, in the club or even in your car. If you are sick of those love songs on the radio, and you want to hear something else, then just make your own beats. Furthermore, if you are willing to take the time to success, then I’m more than sure that in someday you will be a PRO DJ.

Some of the frequently asked questions:

What if I have never made beats before? -  That’s not a problem, because this software comes with a training videos and step-by-step tutorials.

Can I make beats ONLINE or just on my desktop? - You can do both, but it runs faster if it’s installed on your computer, because we use quality samples.

What if does not work or I don’t like this program? - Just send an email, and we will fix this issue. If you are not sure about this music program, then we can refund your money.

Is it really one of the Best DJ Softwares? - In my opinion, yes. If you are beginner and your goal is to make quality music, then you should definitely try this, because this is the Best DJ Software available. 

Do they have some kind of “customer support” available? - Yes. You can easily send questions from DubTurbo to their customer support. In most cases they answer in 24 hours.

If you are looking for more information, then simply read our other posts. I will try to update this site regularly, so if you are looking for more, then come back other day. I hope this review was helpful. If you are already using DubTurbo then maybe you want to share your experience – just send me a letter to sales@bestdjsoftwares.com or write a comment under the post. Your feedback might be very helpful for someone.  Feel free to ask any questions or if you are still not sure, then feel free to check our post “Paid programs vs Free programs” – The Cons and Pros regarding free and paid software. Thank you for reading.

- Mark from Best DJ Software



 How To Start Your Music Career

If you already installed DubTurbo, you might want to know how to promote and educate yourself as a DJ. Many people who are just starting off their DJ career are asking me common things about DJing, but mostly: “How to be successful DJ?”.  So I will make a little guide for beginners so you would be not afraid to start off your music career.

First of all, what do you need for mixing music? My answer would be: NOTHING. Nowadays everyone can be a DJ, since music mixing can be done from your home computer/laptop or even mobile phone. The only thing you need is a decent dj mixer, which is DubTurbo (it can be downloaded from our site, just click on the discount banner). Next thing you need is a motivation. Whether you want to be a professional DJ or you take music mixing as a hobby, you still need a little motivation. If you don’t want to make music, then simply you are not able to create music.

What more? You have to listen music and sometimes you have to go with the flow. I would recommend you to listen radio every day so you are able to know what’s “pop and hot” today. Furthermore, it would be good if you are a fan of some genre, for example hip-hop and rnb or techno and trance.  When I started making music I was a huge fan of 50-cent and I listen rap music on daily basis, even my first mix was 50Cent – Candy Shop.

It’s very good when you have some kind of music taste or sense. I don’t say you have to have A+’s at your music class, because I didn’t had either, but it’s great when you know how to make music. However that’s not relevant since even a dummy can make music with DubTurbo.

It would be fantastic when you have a some place at home where you can be all alone and not disturbed by anyone. I remember I had 2 very annoying brothers and couldn’t make any music when they were home, so I went to school library, downloaded the latest DJ Softwares, put my headset on and started to mix music.

What else? Gather up some friends, and show them your vibes. Remember that your mix is not good until other people say so, but if you are more like introvert then there is always a chance to upload your music to youtube or metacafe, where different people all over the world can rate and comment on your music.

For the last word I would like to say that, if you like music and you have enough motivation to mix music, then you better get the #1 Best DJ Software and start making music. You don’t have to be afraid, because you will not get confused by user-friendly DubTurbo. You can always buy a different software, that’s completely up to you

Learn more about DJ Softwares from wikipedias article.

Click here to download the Best DJ software!


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